Shakes and Drinks

Creamy Thick Shake

Traditional parlor-style milk shake with 7oz. of your coice of ice cream.

Extra-Thick Shake

Unlike its counter-part, the extra thick shake has an additional 3oz of soft serve so, less like a drink, and more like a meal!

Banana Shake

We add whole banana to your choice of ice cream, and blend it into a creamy delight! Try it peanut butter , YUM!

Malted Milk Shake

Malted milk (germinated barley, wheat flour, and evaporated milk) shakes are a classic parlor item that adds a bit of “tang” to your shake.

Peanut Butter Shake

What more can we say… it’s peanut butter and ice cream; delicious. Try adding a banana!

Candy Shake

A milk shake with your choice of ice cream and candy.


A Float is that wonderful combination of vanilla ice cream and Cola–Traditionally, with root Root Beer, but if you like creamcicles, Orange Soda goes very well, too!


A FREEZE… ever miss our orange sherbet and vanilla twist weekly special? Well now you can have that flavor all summer long! If you order a Freeze with vanilla soft serve and orange soda, bam, there you have it. Another delicious addition to vanilla soft serve is root beer for a blended root beer float!

*Soft serve only


A Slush is our version of a “slushie”, made with Sprite and our sherbet of the week.

*Soft serve only

Lime Rickey

Lime syrup and Sprite.

Raspberry Lime Ricky

Just like a Lime Ricky, only in addition we’ll add raspberry syrup.