About Betty Ann's Dairy Freeze
Buzzard's Bay, MA

Betty Ann’s Dairy Freeze is a beloved institution in the community of Buzzards Bay along the Cape Cod Canal, known for its delicious soft serve ice cream and friendly service. The Wagner family started the business in 1955 when Mr. Wagner built the building for his wife, Betty, and daughter Ann. The two ran the business for years, building a reputation for quality and hospitality that would become synonymous with the name Betty Ann’s Dairy Freeze.

Over the course of the next 55 years, the business changed hands multiple times, with different owners taking over the reins. However, through all these changes, one thing remained constant: the commitment to quality and customer service instilled by the Wagner family.

In 2009, the property and business were purchased by Stephen White. He renovated and added more flavors but kept the essence of the original Dairy Freeze. Under Stephen’s ownership, Betty Ann’s Dairy Freeze continued to be a cherished part of the community, known for its delicious ice cream and friendly service.